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Rani Brand


  • 1982


    Rani launches as Aujan’s own trademark brand.

    The float-tech was first developed in Japan and Rani Float becomes the first product to make use of this technology in KSA piloted with the Orange flavor

  • 1986

    Local production

    Rani’s first-ever juice drink product hits the shelves for the first time.

  • 2000

    Famous peach flavour

    Famous Peach Flavour

    Rani introduces its famous peach flavour to the world.

  • 2011

    New visual identity.

    Rani unveils its stunning new visual identity.

  • 2020

    NAS launch

    No Added Sugar launch

    The brand officially launches its new 100% fruit juice content, No Added Sugar recipe, and new visual identity. Rani releases its upgraded product to the market.


Where is Rani from?
Rani is a product of Saudi Arabia.
Rani was first made in 1982, bring out your calculators and start counting
How many products has Rani launched to date?
Rani has four different variants: Rani Float, Rani Cubs, Rani Three Jewels and Rani Fruit Drink.